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Michael Lewis

Portrait of an Inessential Government Worker

Glory isn’t part of the deal when you go to work for the federal government.

Brooke Sutherland

Eight Corporate Jets: What Is This, the '80s?

Activist investor D.E. Shaw puts Emerson Electric’s crusty corporate habits on display. It’s not a good look.

Brian Chappatta

Why Didn’t Dimon Step In on Repo? Just Ask the Fed

The JPMorgan CEO cites pesky limitations for preventing the bank’s help when short-term rates went haywire.

Matt Levine

WeWork Could Really Use Some Money

Also bribes, Libra, bank earnings and fateful leg injuries.

Brian Chappatta

Wall Street's Third-Quarter MVPs? Bond Traders

Interest-rate volatility and record corporate-debt sales made for a big three months at JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

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