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Elisa Martinuzzi

Bankers Are Playing With Fire, Once Again

In an interview, ex-FDIC chief Sheila Bair says weakening the post-crisis rules is wrongheaded and that a Monte Paschi-type event could happen again.

David Fickling

Boeing Without 737s Is Like Coke Without Soda

Halting production of the troubled Max would shut down close to half the aircraft-maker’s business.

Eli Lake

Huawei Finds Some Friends in the U.S. Senate

The Trump administration’s global campaign against the Chinese telecom giant runs into a domestic roadblock.

Stephen Mihm

'Toilet Totalitarianism' Could've Been Avoided

Trump's bathroom rant proved easy fodder for comedy, but there’s actually an interesting story lurking behind the history of toilet regulations. 

Leonid Bershidsky

In 2019, Putin Couldn’t Win Back Russia’s Love

It was a year in which the Russian leader increased his influence abroad while losing it at home. 

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