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Tobin Harshaw

Don't Let Giant Clams Start World War III

These shells are worth a fortune, but the price in environmental damage and heightened military tensions in the South China Sea is vastly higher.

Robert Burgess

Trump Works Hard to Take On the Yield Curve

The president works the Fed some more. Plus share sales by energy CEOs and a slump in the lira.

Matt Levine

Maybe CEOs Are Fed Up With Shareholders

Is it wise to remove what was essentially a singular, albeit very limited, yardstick for measuring chief executive officers' performance?

John Authers

All Signs Point to an Inflection Point for Markets

With the U.S. and Germany talking about issuing more debt, the end may be near for the bull market in stocks and bonds. Also, shareholder value takes a back seat.

Leonid Bershidsky

Hungary Is Happy to Be Germany's Gatekeeper

In 1989, the Hungarians pushed an Iron Curtain open. This time, Orban has slammed it shut. 

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