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# 343 Finn Rausing $6.13B

Random fact: Cousin pled guilty to delaying wife's burial in 2012.


Rausing is a beneficiary of the family trust that owns Tetra Laval, the maker of 191 billion milk and juice packages in 2019. The Pully, Switzerland-based company had revenue of 14 billion euros ($15.7 billion) in the same year, according to its annual report. He shares the trust with his two siblings, Jorn and Kirsten.

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Industry Services
Biggest asset Tetra Laval
Citizenship Sweden
Age 65
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The majority of Rausing's fortune is derived from his stake in closely held Swedish packaging company, Tetra Laval. The company is fully owned by the Rausing family, according to company filings and he's credited with one-third of the business in this analysis. The family consolidated their ownership in 1995, when it bought the half of Tetra Laval held by their uncle, Hans Rausing. The company made 191 billion Tetra Pak packages in 2019, according to its annual report.

The price the family paid for Hans Rausing's stake has never been disclosed. For this calculation, $7 billion is used, the figure reported by the Financial Times, citing unidentified sources, at the time of the sale.

Tetra Laval, which had 14 billion euros ($15.7 billion) in revenue in 2019, according to its annual report, is valued using reported financial results and the average enterprise value-to-sales, price-to-earnings and price-to-sales multiples of two publicly traded peers: Sonoco Products Co and Crown Holdings Inc. The valuation fell about $1.5 billion on May 8, 2020 because the daily calculator had previously been switched off.

The value of Rausing's cash holdings is based on an analysis of dividends, market performance, insider transactions, taxes and charitable contributions -- including the 1995 purchase of his uncle's stake in Tetra Laval.

Jorgen Haglind, a spokesman for Tetra Laval, declined to comment on the family's net worth calculation.


Birthdate: 1/1/1955
Family: Unknown, No children
Education: INSEAD, Lund University

Finn Rausing was born in Sweden in 1955 to Gad and Birgit Rausing. He has an older sister, Kirsten, and younger brother, Jorn. His paternal grandfather, Ruben Rausing, founded Tetra Pak in 1951 and his father and uncle, Hans Rausing, helped make it one of the largest packaging companies in the world.

From their base in Sweden, the two brothers oversaw the company's expansion overseas. In 1991, they acquired French dairy-equipment manufacturer DeLaval.

In 1993, Hans stepped down as chairman of the closely held company, which was renamed Tetra Laval in the same year. Two years later, Gad purchased Hans's 50 percent stake in the family business for $7 billion, according to a Financial Times report at the time of the sale. When Gad died in January 2000, his widow, Finn's mother Birgit, placed the asset into a trust, whose beneficiaries are Finn, his brother Jorn and sister Kirsten.

Raised in Sweden, Finn followed in his father's footsteps and attended Lund University where he earned a bachelor's degree in law in 1980. He received an MBA from the Insead business school in France the following year. Finn served on the board of Tetra Pak from 1985 to 1989 and has been a non-executive board member of Tetra Laval since 1995. He is also a board member of engineering equipment manufacturer, Alfa Laval, shipbuilder Swede Ship Marine and Swiss investment company Nordkap Holding. He lives in Sweden.

  • 1951 Grandfather Ruben establishes Tetra Pak in Lund, Sweden.
  • 1954 Tetra Pak's first milk packages are made in Stockholm.
  • 1959 Annual production capacity at Tetra Pak hits 1 billion cartons.
  • 1981 Earns an MBA from France's Insead business school.
  • 1983 Ruben Rausing dies at age 88.
  • 1993 Uncle Hans steps down as chairman of Tetra Laval.
  • 1995 With father and siblings, buys Hans's Tetra Pak stake for $7 billion.
  • 2000 His father Gad dies. Finn and his siblings take over.