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# 328 Magdalena Martullo $7.24B

Random fact: Announced plan to run in the 2015 Swiss Parliament election.


Martullo-Blocher is the chief executive officer of Ems-Chemie Holding, a publicly traded specialty chemicals manufacturer. The Herrliberg, Switzerland-based company makes high performance polymers and polyamide materials, and reported revenue of 2.3 billion Swiss francs ($2.5 billion) in 2021.

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Last change -$7.17M ( -0.1%)
YTD change +$528M ( +7.9%)
Biggest asset EMSN SW Equity
Country / Region Switzerland
Age 53
Industry Industrial
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The majority of Martullo-Blocher's fortune is derived from a 30% stake in Ems-Chemie Holding, a publicly traded manufacturer of chemicals and polymers. The Herrliberg, Switzerland-based company had revenue of 2.3 billion Swiss francs ($2.5 billion) in 2021.

Martullo-Blocher controls the shares through a 49.5% stake in Emesta Holding, which owns 60.8% of Ems-Chemie's shares, according to the Ems-Chemie 2021 annual report. Her sister, Rahel Blocher, also owns 49.5% of Emesta and another sister, Miriam Blocher, owns the remaining 1% of Emesta, according to company filings. Miriam has a stake in Ems-Chemie through Blomi Holding, according to the annual report.

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Family: Married, 3 children

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher was born to Silvia and Christoph Blocher in Mannedorf, Switzerland on Aug. 13, 1969. She received an MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

She worked as a manager at Johnson & Johnson from 1994 to 1996, before joining Rivella, a Swiss soft drink maker, where she introduced their new Rivella Vert drink. She became a member of the board of directors of Ems-Chemie in 2001.

Martullo-Blocher became chief executive of the group when her father was elected to the Federal Council of the Swiss Government, heading the Federal Justice and Police Department. Christoph Blocher, a retired Air Force Regiment Commander and Colonel, passed his shares onto his four children in 2004.

With her sister Rahel, also a billionaire, Martullo-Blocher owns most of Ems-Chemie. Their siblings Markus and Miriam have sold shares over the years to Magdalena and Rahel.

She lives in Switzerland.

  • 1936 Original business founded in Zurich to make ethyl alcohol.
  • 1960 Chemical business renamed Emser Werke AG.
  • 1969 Magdalena Martullo-Blocher is born in Mannedorf, Switzerland.
  • 1996 Leaves Johnson & Johnson for job at Swiss softdrink maker Rivella.
  • 2001 Joins Ems-Chemie Holding, becomes board member.
  • 2004 Becomes CEO of Ems-Chemie Holding.
  • 2004 Father passes Ems shares to his four children.
  • 2015 Becomes a member of the National Council in the Swiss Parliament.