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# 424 Pat Stryker $5.86B

Random fact: Is a major donor to Colorado State University.


Stryker is a shareholder of Stryker Corp., the medical device manufacturer with revenue of $17.1 billion in 2021. She's assumed to own about 3% of the company and two siblings also have stakes. She owns real estate in Fort Collins, Colorado, and founded the Bohemian Foundation, which focuses on progressive causes.

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Age 67
Industry Health Care
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Stryker's fortune comes from her inheritance of one-third of the family shares in Stryker Corp., a publicly traded medical device manufacturer founded by her grandfather. Her two siblings, Jon and Ronda, each also inherited one-third, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from 1998.

She fell below the 5% ownership level required for reporting in 2013 and previous average annual stock sales are used to calculate her current stake. She owns 3.4% of Stryker, based on this methodology.

The billionaire has net sales of more than $1.9 billion in Stryker stock since 1993, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Applicable taxes, dividends, deductions for known charitable giving and and adjustment for market performance are applied.

June Greist, a spokeswoman for the billionaire, said that Stryker's net worth was less than the amount calculated in this analysis.


Family: Divorced, 3 children

Patricia Stryker is the granddaughter of Dr. Homer Stryker, an orthopedic surgeon, founder of medical technology company Stryker Corporation. Dr. Stryker was born in Michigan in 1894 and received his medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1925. He started his practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan and used a room in the basement for research and development of his first turning frame, according to a biography of entrepreneur on the University of Western Michigan Homer D. Stryker School of Medicine website.

He began selling his inventions in 1941, with World War II creating heavy demands for his products. He first developed a cast cutter, a surgical traction device, a cast walking heel and turning frame. He incorporated his manufacturing business, the Orthopaedic Frame Company, five years later. Dr. Stryker invented an oscillating saw that cuts hard material such as casts but not soft ones like human tissues and a patent was issued in 1947.

His son Lee became general manager in 1955 and president in 1969. He died seven years later on holiday in Wyoming while piloting his plane with his wife and two others. Their three children Patricia, Ronda and Jon survived because they weren't on the plane, according to the corporate history section of the Stryker Corp. website. Stryker was publicly listed on the Nasdaq exchange in May 1979.

Pat Stryker is not involved in the company. She founded and later sold Stryker Sonoma Vineyards and founded the charitably focused Bohemian Foundation. The billionaire lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she is active in supporting the arts, green causes and the Democratic Party.

  • 1946 Homer Stryker founds the Orthopaedic Frame Company, later Stryker Corp.
  • 1955 Lee Stryker becomes general manager of the company
  • 1964 Family business becomes Stryker Corporation.
  • 1976 Parents die in plane crash father Lee was piloting.
  • 1979 Stryker Corporation is publicly listed on the NASDAQ.
  • 1999 Buys Sommer Vineyards and renames Stryker Sonoma Vineyard.
  • 2002 Credited with defeating Colorado ballot initiative to end bilingual education.
  • 2016 Sells Stryker Sonoma Vineyards to Bill Foley, who renames it.