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Washington, U.S.

#48 U.S.
#59 Global
610 GMAT

Washington, U.S.

Tuition $52,785

Note: GMAT score is median or average as provided by the school. Tuition is advertised figure and doesn’t include fees or other costs.


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For women

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International students

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Racial, religious, and ethnic minorities

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People with disabilities

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People of all sexual orientations and gender identities

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% of hires in each industry (top 3)

54 graduates hired in total

Median starting salary compared with all other schools

What’s best about the MBA program
(From students and alumni)

The relationships i developed with my classmates and alumni

I had a fantastic experience in the GW MBA program, and the best thing about it for me was being able to customize the program to meet my goal of starting a business in the marketing industry.

GW's MBA program offered an incredible opportunity to develop as a strategic leader in the nation's capital with a highly talented and collaborative group of classmates.

The international consulting experience that's part of the Global MBA was extremely valuable, and I've referred to the lessons from it (in interviews & daily management) repeatedly.

The course program, international study, location of the campus, diversity of student population

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