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Columbia, U.S.

#86 U.S.
#114 Global
670 GMAT

Columbia, U.S.

Tuition $35,790

In-State $21,571

Note: GMAT score is median or average as provided by the school. Tuition is advertised figure and doesn’t include fees or other costs.


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For women

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all respondents

International students

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all respondents

Racial, religious, and ethnic minorities

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People with disabilities *

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People of all sexual orientations and gender identities

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* Has fewer than five respondents

% of hires in each industry (top 3)

25 graduates hired in total

Median starting salary compared with all other schools

What’s best about the MBA program
(From students and alumni)

The Alumni Network and the international aspect of the program.

International focus and faculty experience in international business

Diverse group of classmates who went into a diverse array of fields post graduation, leading to a helpful/supportive network post graduation

It promotes a unique academic experience between the quality of education and integration of culture, from the large number of international exchange students to the language tracks that encourage you to live and intern in another country.

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