Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Philadelphia, PA

from 2019
Class size

Tuition $83,230

Note: School has locations in Philadelphia and San Francisco. Tuition amount is the figure advertised by the school and includes mandatory fees and other costs. GMAT score is median or average, as provided by the school. Find more details on the school's website : .

Gender and Race Breakdown Among U.S. Students, Compared with Other U.S. Schools

Visit Diversity Index page for more data. Gender is for whole class. Race data only for US students. 6% of school identifies as LGBTQ






0%100%60.7% of U.S. population48.0%


0%100%6.6% of U.S. population26.0%


0%100%14.1% of U.S. population11.0%


0%100%18.0% of U.S. population8.0%

Percent of Hires in Each Industry (Top 3)

623 graduates hired in total

Financial 36.3%
Consulting 24.6%
Technology 15.1%

Nationalities (top 5)

Total Number of Nationalities: 52

United States 69%
India 7%
China 4%
Canada 3%
Korea (South) 2%

Campus Atmosphere

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Women are well represented among my school’s faculty and administration

Said themselves
All respondents

Female protagonists are well represented in case studies

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All respondents

LGBTQ students are given equal/adequate opportunity to participate in class discussions and on teams

Said themselves
All respondents

Social activities are generally inclusive towards LGBTQ students

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All respondents

Minorities are well represented among the faculty and administration

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All respondents

Minority protagonists are well represented in case studies

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All respondents

Representative comments from students and alumni on what's best about this MBA program

The emphasis on seeking and accepting stretch experiences. The way it normalized and celebrated stepping out of your comfort zone and the supportive culture it bred as a result.

Very strong programs in specific industries allowed you to meet and become friends with people you will continue to interact and do business with in the years ahead.

Faculty with real-world experience and/or deep research backgrounds, combined with the ability to captivate students with interesting in-class lectures and discussions.

The peer group in my class enhanced all of the formal instructions and programs. The relationships I formed will last my entire life, and we continue to collaborate and assist each other.

Wharton attracts global talent and offers strong interdisciplinary opportunities (easy to take classes in other schools and/or enter into a dual-degree program).