Stanford, CA

rank as 2019

Tuition $76,371

Note: Tuition amount is the figure advertised by the school and includes mandatory fees and other costs. GMAT score is median or average, as provided by the school. Find more details on the school's website : .

Gender and Race Breakdown Among U.S. Students, Compared with Other U.S. Schools

Visit Diversity Index page for more data. Gender is for whole class. Race data only for US students.






0%100%60.7% of U.S. population52.0%


0%100%6.6% of U.S. population23.0%


0%100%14.1% of U.S. population7.0%


0%100%18.0% of U.S. population5.0%

Percent of Hires in Each Industry (Top 3)

226 graduates hired in total

Financial 34.1%
Technology 28.3%
Consulting 14.6%

Campus Atmosphere

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Women are well represented among my school’s faculty and administration

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All respondents

Female protagonists are well represented in case studies

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All respondents

LGBTQ students are given equal/adequate opportunity to participate in class discussions and on teams

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All respondents

Social activities are generally inclusive towards LGBTQ students

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All respondents

Minorities are well represented among the faculty and administration

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All respondents

Minority protagonists are well represented in case studies

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All respondents

Representative comments from students and alumni on what's best about this MBA program

The collaborative culture, the diverse and inspiring classmates, the wildly impressive, smart, devoted, and caring professors, the opportunity to focus on personal growth and development in a community and learning environment that fosters the conditions for it.

The incredible resources and opportunities available to me every day, including the highly accessible and accomplished professors, so many responsive and receptive alumni, amazing classmates, and full access to the broader Stanford ecosystem.

Diverse and brilliant classmates and professors; the focus on interpersonal dynamics as a path to leadership development; innovative thinking; beautiful environment.

The collective camaraderie amongst students, professors, and alumni; it created an atmosphere that encouraged learning, growing, and risk-taking.

The culture in the program that encourages students to take risks and to not be afraid of failure. The GSB truly encourages you to try and do something that can make a real difference in this world.