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Justin Trudeau Is in Trouble. Voters Get to Say How Much

In one of the closest election races in Canada’s history, it will all come down to Trudeau’s ability to persuade his marginal supporters to look past his missteps and cast their ballots.



Brooke Sutherland

Eight Corporate Jets: What Is This, the '80s?

Activist investor D.E. Shaw puts Emerson Electric’s crusty corporate habits on display. It’s not a good look.

Matt Levine

We Could Really Use Some Money

Also bribes, Libra, bank earnings and fateful leg injuries.

Max Nisen

For J&J and UnitedHealth, Making Money's Easy for Now

Strong quarters for the drug and health insurance giants can’t distract from looming policy and legal risks.

Cass R. Sunstein

Trump’s New Executive Orders Deserve Praise

The policy on regulatory "guidance documents" isn't an attack on the bureaucratic state. It's a step toward openness and fidelity to law.

Desmond Lachman, Brad W. Setser and Antonio Weiss

Puerto Rico’s Debt Deal Leaves No Room for Error

Its debt is more sustainable, but still much higher per capita than even the most indebted U.S. state.