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Photographer: Sarah Pabst/Bloomberg

Washington Talks, the World Listens

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What is the future for international institutions like the International Monetary Fund - and what, if anything, can it do to help Argentina? These are just some of the topics in a special episode from the annual meetings of the Fund and World Bank in Washington. Stephanie speaks about the future of the world on an all-star panel with former India central bank chief Raghuram Rajan and ex-Bundesbank head Axel Weber, along with Columbia University professor Glenn Hubbard, a White House economic adviser under George W. Bush. She also gets a chance to ask Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert Kaplan - who helps set US interest rates - whether central banks can even control inflation anymore.

But first, Latin America economic editor Bruce Douglas reports from Buenos Aires on just how deep Argentina's problems go -- and whether they can be fixed. It's all part of Stephanomics's lead-up to Bloomberg's New Economy Forum in Beijing in November, where global governance will be high on the agenda.