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Photographer: Towfiqu/Moment via Getty Images

The Global Economic Preview for 2020

Stephanie Flanders and economist Tom Orlik lead a roundtable discussing what will, and probably won’t, happen in the new year.

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Will trade wars go the way of 2019 or keep on raging?

Is Europe’s economy finally on a rebound?

What does U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election victory mean for U.S. President Donald Trump and the Democrats running to replace him?

These are just a few of the questions that Stephanie Flanders and our Bloomberg panel address in a special roundtable discussion on the Stephanomics podcast.

Flanders is joined by Bloomberg Chief Economist Tom Orlik, senior trade and economy reporter Shawn Donnan, and European economy editor Jana Randow as they reflect on the key moments of 2019, and look ahead to 2020.