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Photographer: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images


How One State Is Trying to Close America’s Huge Education Gap

With school funding left to state and local governments, less fortunate communities face an uphill battle.

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If there’s one thing many Americans agree on, it’s the importance of education as a bedrock of the U.S. economy. Yet the federal government has left children’s education almost entirely up to states and towns, its funding subject to the vagaries of the real estate market and demographic shifts.

Reporter Craig Torres visits a rural community just hours from the nation’s capital, illustrating how difficult it is to improve opportunities for the less fortunate. Then host Stephanie Flanders delves into the issue with scholar Elaine Weiss of the Economic Policy Institute.

We’ll also hear from reporter Shawn Donnan in Washington, who talks with Flanders about whether this week’s “phase one” trade agreement between the U.S. and China means the conflict is ending, or if we’re really just at the beginning.