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Photographer: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg

Global Virus, Global Trade—Global Impact

How a crisis can bring bickering nations together.

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This week, Stephanomics concludes its second season with a preview of Bloomberg Markets’ special trade issue, along with a look at what could stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Tyler Cowen, the George Mason University economist and Marginal Revolution blogger, talks with host Stephanie Flanders about how well—or how poorly—the U.S. and China are positioned to deal with the outbreak.

On trade, reporter Enda Curran visits Hong Kong and the city’s Toy and Baby Fair to get a sense of how the territory’s place in the world economy is being buffeted by democracy protests and the U.S.-China trade war. Then Stephen King, senior economic adviser at HSBC, returns to discuss what the history of globalization portends for the future.