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Photographer: Cooper Neill/Bloomberg

Covid-19’s Fresh Injustice for Black-Owned American Businesses

During the pandemic, they are closing at more than twice the rate of those run by white entrepreneurs.

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As protests against racial discrimination and police killings continue across the U.S., another injustice is ripping through American cities: Black-owned businesses are shutting down at an alarming rate. Host Stephanie Flanders talks with Atlanta-based Bloomberg reporter Michael Sasso on why twice as many Black entrepreneurs are being forced to close their doors amid the pandemic as compared with white business owners.

Flanders also speaks with Bloomberg Economics’ Tom Orlik about how long the fallout from Covid-19 is likely to last. Is a rapid recovery possible? Or are we looking at a longer, more painful outlook for unemployment? We’ll hear why he thinks that almost one-third of the millions of jobs lost in the U.S. might not be coming back.