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Photographer: Lam Yik/Bloomberg

Lost Opportunities for Asia’s Lockdown Generation

Thanks to the pandemic, the largest group of young adults in the world may not do better than their parents.

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For decades, Asia’s fast-growing economies have offered millions of young people the chance to do better than their parents. Thanks to Covid-19, that tradition may soon end as youth unemployment soars in a region home to most of the world’s young adults. So what happens when your economic opportunities dry up? Bloomberg’s Chief Asia Economics Correspondent Enda Curran reports from Hong Kong on the struggles and hopes of the “lockdown generation.” 

Then host Stephanie Flanders speaks with Bloomberg Economics’ Tom Orlik about what the world could look like in 2050, and who wins or loses if the trend toward deglobalization continues. Flanders also talks with Eurozone economist Maeva Cousin on the cost of climate change and why it may take farsighted policy makers to see the rewards of acting now.