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A Sneak Preview of Janet Yellen’s Treasury

A familiar face in Washington, she is back to take the reins of the U.S. economy.

Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen

Photographer: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg

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The U.S. doesn’t just have a new president this week. The world’s largest economy is also getting a new Treasury Secretary, albeit a familiar face, in Janet Yellen. Host Stephanie Flanders talks with Bloomberg’s U.S. Treasury reporter Chris Condon, who listened in to Yellen’s confirmation hearing for a sneak preview of what her reign at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue might look like.

Across the Pacific in Hong Kong, Senior Asia Economy Correspondent Enda Curran goes in search of an unexpectedly elusive commodity—shipping containers. The global shipping industry is struggling to deliver what the world wants to buy, leaving exporters and importers everywhere feeling the pain and awakening fears that these supply chain issues could stop the economic recovery in its tracks.