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A Silicon Valley-Chic Solution to Emergency Preparation

Natural disasters are more common than ever. Judy aims to make it easy to get powered back up.
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Photographer: Stephanie Price for Bloomberg Businessweek

Natural disasters are more frequent than ever, yet fewer than half of Americans have a plan for such events, according to a 2020 survey from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Judy Prep Inc.’s co-founder Simon Huck thinks you don’t need to be a doomsday prepper to be prepared. The company launched in 2020 after he’d realized how unready even his high-flying friends like Kim Kardashian were for floods or earthquakes. Judy now produces kits with food, water, and other supplies, as well as a portable 1,000-watt power station ($995) to keep devices and essential appliances—hello, coffee maker—running until the lights come back on.