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Ten Crypto — Or Web 3.0 — Arguments to Bluff Your Way Through Thanksgiving

How to survive the most contentious day of the year



Source: Evgeny Potapov/iStock/Getty Images

We're one day away from Thanksgiving, the biggest day for family discourse and debate all year. Of course in recent years, crypto has been a big topic around the table. And it will definitely be so this year. But the tables have turned. It's not just the young kid who's gotten into it. It's super mainstream. So you never know which random aunt or uncle made a fortune this year, buying some coin nobody else ever heard of. Oh, and it's not crypto anymore either. We're supposed to call it "Web 3.0" now.

So without further ado, and in homage to Freddy Gray's excellent bluffers’ guides, I've assembled 10 phrases that will help you BS your way through this year's Thanksgiving dinner conversation.

1. "The internet is at a fork in the road: Do we want a future on Mark Zuckerberg's servers, or do we want to build on top of networks with data we own and identities that we control? Because that is precisely what's at stake here."

Put your cards right out on the table. This is what it's all about. Of course this has been a table stakes crypto talking point for years now. But with perceptions of Facebook deteriorating, and Zuckerberg giving us his vision of living in a cartoon metaverse where we don't have legs, the tension is greater and the divide feels sharper. How buying random coins — whose main value is that they allow you to borrow and buy more coins — gets you to that is a totally separate question. But you can skip over that and if pressed, just point out that the coin represents some kind of control in the network.