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A Miami Startup Sells Watersports Apparel With a Side of Advocacy

Waterlust makes activewear with designs inspired by the sea, and donates a portion of sales to conservation efforts.

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Miami Startup Sells Watersport Apparel With a Side of Advocacy

How is the sex of a sea turtle determined? By the temperature of the sand surrounding the egg during incubation—generally, warmer for a female, cooler for a male. Each person who buys a pair of Waterlust leggings or board shorts emblazoned with the brand’s sea turtle motif receives a series of emails sharing this and other encyclopedia-worthy facts.

The Miami-based brand aims to raise awareness about threatened marine and freshwater environments through the apparel it sells to watersports enthusiasts and professionals, which features loud, funky patterns inspired by ocean creatures and ecosystems. About 5% of sales are donated to research and protection efforts, such as expanding conservation areas or coral reef restoration programs. (Outdoor activewear brand Patagonia Inc., a longtime supporter of environmental sustainability, pledges 1% of its sales to preservation.)