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Don’t Pop That Cypto-Cork Just Yet on Wine NFTs

From Brad Pitt to Penfolds, high-end winemakers are betting on the buzzy blockchain investment. But should you?

Trefethen’s nine Crypto Heroes Cabernet NFTs bottles.

Trefethen’s nine Crypto Heroes Cabernet NFTs bottles.

Source: Trefethen


Pricey Fleur de Miraval rosé Champagne is Brad Pitt’s latest wine baby. The second release (ER2) was poured at this year’s Oscars, and in a few months, Pitt’s Champagne house plans to join the cryptocurrency world craze to drop its first NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are smart contracts tied to digital (sometimes physical) goods by way of a QR code that’s all recorded on a blockchain. Exactly what goodies these might include hasn’t yet been revealed, but what about an exclusive cuvée and one-on-one bubbly tasting with Brad at his fabulous estate in Provence? (I stayed there before he owned it, and sipped rosé while lolling in the bathtub in my room overlooking the vines.) Right now, Pitt’s suing Angelina Jolie for selling her share of it.