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These French Foodies Built a Restaurant Empire on Old-World Hedonism

Gueuleton’s unabashed love of decadence kept it afloat during the pandemic—and diners are eating it up.

Vincent Bernard-Comparat (left) and Arthur Edange.

Vincent Bernard-Comparat (left) and Arthur Edange.

Photographer: Amelie Carles

In their popular video series on YouTube and TikTok, Vincent Bernard-Comparat, 36, and Arthur Edange, 34, the founders of Gueuleton, can seem like a spoof of a French tourism ad: Over a soundtrack of upbeat tuba, the self-described bons vivants don black berets and dig into duck confit and pâté en croûte, laughing into the camera with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigar in the other. A tricolor flag is sewn into their aprons.

But during strict Covid-19 lockdowns, when people were unable to meet their friends or go out for a drink, the French gorged on Gueuleton’s then-40-strong video library that featured the two men sampling traditional food.