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Now You Can Own a Fraction of a Fancy Colored Diamond

With the launch of Luxus, a new fractional ownership marketplace, you don’t have to have millions of dollars to get into one of the rarest luxury commodities.

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Source: Luxus


A new fractional ownership business centered on fancy colored diamonds will launch on May 18. Luxus, founded by hedge fund expert Dana Auslander and fashion journalist Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, will debut with a first offering of a .54 carat fancy pink diamond. Luxus says this is being done under Regulation A, and first requires qualification by the Securities and Exchange Commission before any investor can participate.

The company aims to give retail investors the chance to buy a sliver of the stone, starting at 0.1%, with the opportunity to participate in a market normally out of reach for those who don’t have millions to invest. The idea is that the special diamonds, which have been steadily gaining value, will offer potential returns as investments. But, as with many such fractional ownership enterprises, retail investors will have no access to the stone or influence over how or when it might be resold—and returns realized.