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More Women Are Injuring Their Feet With the Return to Office High Heels

After two years of working from home, many women are no longer willing to endure painful footwear

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For women in white-collar industries like law and finance, wearing high heels was taken for granted as part of what it meant to go to work, like an hour-long commute or a $15 desk salad. Now, many of them are questioning whether it’s worth the foot pain. 

Podiatrists are seeing an uptick in injuries brought on by a return to the office, in-person conferences and other professional events that require a return to more formal footwear. Dr. Miguel Cunha of Gotham Footcare in Manhattan said his offices have recently seen an influx of overuse injuries, from shin splints to plantar fasciitis, among patients wearing heels again after ditching them for two years. During the pandemic, lower levels of activity and going barefoot led to weakness and tightness of muscles and tendons.