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A Cannabis Brand for Women Tries to Navigate ‘Gray Area’ of CBD

Xula, a brand out of Mexico City, targets women’s health issues.

Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, at home in Mexico City.

Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, at home in Mexico City.

Photographer: Carlos Álvarez-Montero for Bloomberg Pursuits

Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey is part of a generation that has seen marijuana transformed from a prime target of the war on drugs to the darling of venture capital firms. 

Two decades ago, when Aggrey started a small grow operation in San Francisco’s affluent Twin Peaks neighborhood, a neighbor forced her to shut it down. “I just personally didn’t come from a place where I had someone to bail me out if I were to be raided,” says Aggrey, who was born in the US to parents who had immigrated from West Africa.