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Elon Musk Keeps Quoting Elon Musk About His Genius

The Twitter CEO is super impressed—by points he once made as the Tesla CEO. Reality distortion field, anyone?

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Illustration: Luca Schenardi

As FTX Group was crumbling in mid-November, Elon Musk stumbled across a topical post about cryptocurrencies. “As I’ve said before, don’t bet the farm on crypto!” the tweet read, suggesting entrepreneurs instead create “true value” by focusing on their “fellow human beings.” Musk agreed. “Exactly,” he tweeted in response.

Like many Twitter users, Musk’s preferred mode on the site is that of reply guy. His responses to random Tesla stans and conspiracy theorists draw substantial engagement, given the size of his following (118 million and counting). In this case, Musk was actually replying to himself. The source of the crypto wisdom was an account called Musk University, which promises to “Expand and Protect the Light of Consciousness” by posting things that Musk has said.