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View the Aurora Borealis This Winter in a Private ‘Igloo’ on a Lake

Nowhere in the world has accommodation options quite like Iceland’s.

The floating “igloo.”

The floating “igloo.”

Photographer: Teitur Thorkelsson

Ever awakened in a floating igloo to the thunderclap of ice breaking from the glacier outside? Or had your morning coffee upset by the mini tidal wave after one these freshly fractured icebergs splashed into your lagoon? Well, no, nor had I.

Those were just some of the unexpected encounters my wife and I had on our last-minute, late-summer break in Iceland. We ended up in an “Igloo Boat,” a yurt-like structure with a private deck on the Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon, on Iceland’s southeast coast. Floor-to-ceiling windows — and a glass ceiling — make for an immersive experience as you bob alone on the water at the melting end one of  the world’s great ice caps.