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Elon Musk Sows Doubt Over His Twitter Takeover

Bloomberg News West Coast Correspondent Ed Ludlow reports on Elon Musk saying his $44 billion Twitter deal is on hold but that he is still committed to it. Dr. Ian Lustbader, Clinical Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone, discusses Covid surging again in the U.S. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Bloomberg News Rates Reporter Michael Mackenzie break down Michael's Businessweek Magazine story With the Investing Party Over, Markets Start to Make Sense Again. Chiente Hsu, Co-Founder of Alex, shares her thoughts on this week's Terra turbulence in the crypto market. And we Drive to the Close with Victoria Greene, CIO at G-Squared Private Wealth. Hosts: Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Producer: Paul Brennan.

May 13, 2022

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