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Where You Can Travel Now Without a Covid Vaccine or Test

Updated on September 30, 7:02 PM EDT

What You Need To Know

The pandemic may not be over, but the end is in sight.

As a result, Covid-19 entry requirements continue to fall like dominoes with travel surging in tandem—and sky-high prices to show for it. Since our last major update, over 30 new destinations have been added to the list below. There are now more countries and territories that welcome travelers without restrictions than countries with testing or quarantine measures still in place. Pandemic travel has reached a tipping point.

Canada’s dropping of all pandemic-related travel restrictions on Oct. 1 now leaves the US as the region’s major outlier when it comes to vaccination and testing rules for tourists.

Even countries that once boasted some of the strictest rules are reopening to travelers, such as the Himalayan mountain kingdom of Bhutan, which has started to welcome visitors for the first time since the onset of the virus. Japan is set to scrap its entry requirements for most foreign travelers, effective Oct. 11, although un-vaccinated visitors from some countries will still need to test and quarantine upon arrival.

International travelers still need the requisite visas, of course, but nations on every continent have now adopted a post-pandemic attitude toward both tourism and local life, loosening masking rules in tandem with border restrictions. Regardless of your vaccination status, that means no pre- or post-arrival test, quarantines, or, in most cases, even passenger-tracking forms.

Nick Ewen, director of content for the Points Guy, says less restrictions mean less confusion and an easier go of it all around. “There are fewer things to understand before you travel. It has really put the onus of making responsible decisions on the individual passengers.”

Having clear and concise Covid requirements—that is, none at all—is increasingly seen as the way forward by governments, especially with infection rates dropping following mass-scale vaccination and booster campaigns. Whether this loosening of restrictions stokes your own personal wanderlust or serves as a red flag remains a personal choice.

As the list below is merely about crossing borders, travelers are still advised to check what internal regulations govern masking, vaccine passports, health checks, and the like to eat at restaurants or attend events such as a concert. Travel insurance may also be necessary.

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Places You Can Travel Unvaccinated and With No Covid Testing or Quarantine Requirements

Afghanistan Nonessential travel may be still be discouraged, but May 10 marked the end of any Covid-related hurdles.

Albania After reinstating Covid-19 restrictions last September, this Balkan nation reopened its borders on May 1.

American Samoa All Covid-19 entry requirements were officially lifted on September 22.

Andorra The tiny Pyrenees principality technically has no entry requirements, but with no airport, travelers are subject to the restrictions that Spain has imposed—or they can enter freely from the French side as of August 1.

Antigua and Barbuda Covid-19 travel restrictions have been dropped as of August 26.

Argentina Travelers still need insurance and to fill out a statement, but as of April 7, that’s it.

Armenia No PCR tests or vaccination certificates are required to enter Armenia as of May 1.

Aruba The Caribbean nation removed all Covid entry requirements on March 19.

Australia As of July 6, there are no entry requirements, including documentation of testing or vaccination.

Austria One of Europe’s strictest countries relaxed all Covid and pretravel clearances on May 16.

Bahamas Effective September 20, all pandemic-related entry requirements have been suspended.

Bahrain No documentation of testing or vaccination is needed as of Feb. 20.

Belarus Removed all of its Covid-related restrictions on May 28, though travelers should be cautious of heightened tensions due to the war in Ukraine.

Belgium With no “very high risk countries” noted as of May 23, all Covid considerations for entry have essentially been removed.

Benin Covid entry regulations were lifted June 16 to the small African nation bordering Nigeria.

Bhutan The small Himalayan kingdom, which once implemented some of the most drastic measures to ward off the spread of Covid-19, is welcoming tourists inside its borders, effective September 23. Although random PCR tests may be implemented.

Bonaire As of April 20, the final ABC island returns to its pre-pandemic travel requirements except for a health declaration.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Effective May 26, all Covid entry requirements were dropped, making it one of the last Balkan countries to do so.

British Virgin Islands On July 15, the British Virgin Islands lifted all entry requirements related to the pandemic.

Brunei Darussalam The sovereign state on the island of Borneo dropped its pandemic-related entry requirements for travelers on September 15.

Bulgaria On May 1, Bulgaria lifted all Covid document requirements to enter the country.

Canada Effective October 1, international travelers will no longer need to submit to testing, quarantine or vaccination requirements.

Cape Verde All entry requirements were dropped as of September 15.

Cayman Islands Effective August 24, travelers can enter the Caribbean destination freely again.

Congo Joined neighboring Gabon in ending all Covid entry requirements on May 5.

Cook Islands Effective September 9, vaccination and testing requirements have been dropped for international travelers.

Costa Rica Eliminated the final health pass and travel insurance requirement, even for unvaccinated visitors, on April 1.

Croatia On May 1 the Adriatic hot spot reinstated the immigration requirements it had in place prior to the Covid pandemic.

Cuba As of April 6, travelers can enter freely provided they fill out a form and consent to the possibility of a random PCR test upon arrival.

Curaçao As of March 10, eliminated visitor testing for Covid upon arrival and again on the third day.

Cyprus Although a masking mandate went into effect July 8, as of June 1 the Mediterranean island scrapped all testing, quarantine, and proof of vaccination requirements to enter the country.

Czech Republic The country was one of the latest in Europe to completely reopen its borders on April 9.

Denmark Greenland aside, as of March 29, all remaining Covid restrictions to mainland Denmark were lifted irrespective of vaccination status.

Dominica As of August 22, the Caribbean country dropped its Covid-19 measures for arriving tourists.

Dominican Republic Travelers may still be subject to random tests, which you can skip if you’re vaccinated, but as of April 23, anyone is welcome with zero entry requirements.

Egypt Travelers can enter Egypt freely as of June 17.

El Salvador Covid entry regulations were lifted on Feb. 24.

Estonia The Baltic nation announced it was suspending all entry requirements for travelers, effective June 16.

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Effective May 4, travelers do not need to quarantine or test negative for Covid-19.

Faroe Islands February 28 saw all testing, vaccine, and quarantine requirements lifted.

Finland All entry requirements were lifted June 30, making int the last of its Northern European neighbors to do so.

France August 1 marked the end to Covid-related travel restrictions for international travelers, bringing the popular destination in line with the rest of Europe. This move also encompasses the overseas territories of French Guiana and French Polynesia.

French Guiana When restrictions to France were lifted on August 1, travel also opened up to this French overseas territory.

French Polynesia As another French overseas territory, restrictions were also lifted August 1 for Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and the 115 other islands in the Pacific nation.

Gabon As of March 16, it became the first African nation to suspend all Covid entry requirements.

Georgia The Black Sea nation lifted all entry requirements on June 15.

Germany After some back-and-forth on policy, the country reopened to all travelers June 11, regardless of vaccination status.

Gibraltar As with the UK, this British overseas territory (and popular international airport) ended Covid restrictions on March 30.

Greece For at least four months this summer, the Mediterranean destination has suspended all Covid requirements for travelers, though it might reinstate them on Sept. 1 if case loads rise too high.

Greenland May 18 saw all testing, vaccine, and quarantine requirements lifted.

Grenada Effective April 4, dropped all entry requirements to the “Spice of the Caribbean.”

Guadeloupe All Covid-19 restrictions applied to international travelers entering the Caribbean archipelago have been lifted, effective August 1.

Guatemala The Central American nation removed all Covid-related entry requirements on August 15.

Hungary There are no longer any coronavirus-related travel restrictions as of March 7.

Iceland The country removed all Covid entry restrictions on Feb. 25.

Ireland As of March 6, there are no travel restrictions.

Israel Travel insurance and passenger attestations are still required, but vaccination, PCR testing, and mask requirements were lifted on May 23.

Italy Since June 1, all pandemic-related measures at the border have been dropped.

Jamaica Testing requirements and mask mandates were scrapped on April 16.

Jersey See United Kingdom Covid-19 restrictions.

Jordan Travelers haven’t needed proof of a Covid test as of March 1.

Kazakhstan Dropped its pandemic-related entry requirements on June 8.

Kosovo Joined its Balkan neighbors in lifting Covid border requirements on May 1.

Kuwait On May 1 it became the latest Persian Gulf country to lift all Covid entry regulations, including traveler tracking forms.

Kyrgyzstan The “Land of Celestial Mountains” and first of the ’Stans reopened completely on May 1.

Latvia As of April 1, with no high-risk countries currently designated, Covid entry requirements for everyone have been lifted.

Lebanon Officially removed all Covid-19 restrictions at the border on September 27.

Liechtenstein The principality follows the same rules as Switzerland, below.

Lithuania Since May 1, travelers from any country of the world have not been subject to any Covid management requirements.

Madagascar Removed its Covid-related entry requirements for international tourists, effective August 11.

Madeira Travelers flying direct to the islands haven’t been subject to Portugal’s entry requirements—or any, for that matter—since May 4.

Malaysia Although masks are still required indoors, Covid-19 entry measures for travelers were lifted on August 1, making it one of the few Asian countries to completely roll back its travel restrictions.

The Maldives Revoked its public health emergency on March 13, allowing free entry.

Malta As of July 25, Malta lifted its Covid-19 entry requirements, including its mandate that travelers must have gotten their last booster shot within the last three months to visit.

Martinique Effective August 1, this Caribbean island followed France in removing any pandemic-related entry requirements for international travelers.

Mauritius The Indian Ocean island nation fully reopened to travelers as of July 1.

Mexico Has had no restrictions for much of the pandemic, but travelers may encounter health checks upon arrival.

Moldova Although the war in Ukraine brings new advisories, this former Soviet country ended all entry requirements on March 16.

Mongolia As of March 14, it became the first country in mainland Asia to open to all international travelers with no coronavirus health requirements.

Montenegro Requires no proof of a vaccine or test or passenger tracking form to travel to the nation as of March 10.

Namibia This African nation ended all pandemic-related entry requirements for international travelers on August 26.

The Netherlands On September 17, the Dutch government dropped all Covid-19 travel restrictions.

New Caledonia Effective September 23, this French overseas territory in the South Pacific lifted all Covid-19 border requirements.

New Zealand New Zealand has Lifted all Covid-19 testing and vaccine requirements for international travelers on September 13.

North Macedonia The Balkan nation once again removed all requirements as of April 21.

Norway As of Feb. 12, no testing, quarantining, or registration is needed.

Oman The sultanate lifted all remaining Covid restrictions at the border as well as indoor mask wearing on May 22.

Panama All Covid-19 entry requirements were suspended on September 15.

Poland On March 28, all remaining Covid entry requirements and even domestic mask and quarantining rules were lifted.

Portugal As of July 1, travelers are no longer required to test or quarantine to enjoy a holiday in Portugal.

Réunion Travelers to the overseas French territory no longer have to submit to any Covid-19 entry requirements as of August 1.

Romania Lifted all Covid restrictions on March 16.

Rwanda As of July 12, there are no Covid-specific entry requirements into Rwanda although negative tests may still be required at certain venues and national parks.

Samoa All Covid-19 entry requirements were officially lifted on September 22.

Saudi Arabia Removed its Covid-related entry requirements for holders of tourism visas on March 6.

Serbia One of the last remaining Balkan nations to have Covid restrictions at its borders lifted them on May 3.

Slovakia April 6 marked the dropping of all testing, vaccine, and quarantine requirements.

Slovenia As of Feb. 19, there are no longer any coronavirus restrictions on entering the country.

South Africa Removed entry requirements for travelers as of June 23. The mandate to wear masks indoors was also dropped.

South Korea Covid-19 travel restrictions to South Korea were lifted September 3.

St. Barts Effective August 1, Saint Barthélemy dropped all of its pandemic-related testing and vaccination requirements for travelers.

St. Kitts and Nevis August 15 marked the end of all Covid-related entry requirements for travelers to the Caribbean islands.

St. Lucia The Caribbean island country dropped its testing and vaccination requirements as of September 5.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines As of September 18, all Covid-19 travel requirements have been lifted.

Sudan As of August 2, the African country canceled all pandemic-related entry requirements for inbound travelers.

Sweden The ban on travelers from outside the EU was lifted April 1, reopening the country to all, sans requirements.

Switzerland Ended its previous system of categorizing countries or areas with a variant of concern and, on May 2, fully reopened its borders.

Trinidad and Tobago A top destination for travelers to the Caribbean, the twin-island republic announced a negative Covid test will no longer be required starting July 1.

Turkey Pandemic-related entry measures were lifted starting June 1 for international tourists.

United Kingdom Scrapped its last remaining pandemic rules for international travel on March 18.

Uzbekistan After neighboring Kazakhstan removed its entry requirements, the Central Asian destination followed suit on June 10. Travelers must still submit a health screening form upon arrival.

Vanuatu Effective September 12, vaccination and testing requirements have been lifted for international travelers to this island nation in the South Pacific.

Vietnam Became the first country in South East Asia to fully open its borders on May 15, though travel insurance that covers Covid treatment is still required.

Yemen Although other travel advisories remain, Covid entry requirements were lifted on March 17.

By The Numbers

  • 114 Countries and territories with no Covid-19 entry requirements
  • 17 Countries whose borders remain closed to tourism, according to
  • 12.7 billion Doses of vaccine administered around the world

Why It Matters

Predictions that summer 2022 would be “the busiest season ever” were borne out as prices for airfare, hotels, and vacation homes went through the roof. With Europe all but restriction-free now, travel businesses creaked under the demand. (Travel agents to the rescue!)

Getting tourists back in the air and exploring has been a boon for an industry that suffered enormously during the pandemic. The global economy has taken a hit of more than $4 trillion since 2020, according to United Nations data. For countries dependent on tourism revenue, the economic toll has been a particularly difficult pill to swallow. The loosening of masking, tests, vaccines, and quarantines means less bumps on the industry’s road to recovery.

Although that doesn’t mean international travel will totally revert to pre-pandemic normalcy. For example, Bhutan now requires visitors to pay a $200 fee per person, up from the $65 it mandated before. And China’s ongoing Covid Zero policy continues to upend lives with lockdowns and prevent mass tourism into or out of the country.

( ((Updates body text and adds 29 additional destinations to the list of open borders.)) )

    Fewer Western tourists seem to want to have challenging experiences — and that may be a boon for those of us who do.