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The Economics Nobel

Fast Fashion Fades Away

A backlash against fast fashion is brewing, and Forever 21 is the first victim. Sarah Halzack discusses the retailers downfall on TicToc.
relates to How to Avert War With Iran

How to Avert War With Iran

relates to Trump Tweets and Gaslighting

Trump Tweets and Gaslighting

relates to Guns, Politics and Party

Guns, Politics and Party

relates to Netflix's Streaming Struggle

Netflix's Streaming Struggle



The Editors

Puerto Rico Needs More Than Debt Restructuring

Real economic recovery requires additional federal intervention.

The Editors

Turkey’s Aggression Demands a Firm Response

Its invasion of Syria risks a refugee crisis, a security nightmare and a humanitarian catastrophe. The U.S. must do more to contain the damage.

The Editors

The U.S.-China Trade Cease-Fire Isn’t a Done Deal

Despite claiming otherwise, the U.S. hasn’t achieved much in the latest round of talks. 

The Editors

Sanctions Can Still Work. Here’s How.

When diplomacy and coercion aren’t effective, economic pressure can be — but only if it’s prudently applied.

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