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James Stavridis

Sending ‘Dumb’ Weapons From Israel to Ukraine Is Smart

Kyiv gets the brute firepower it needs to combat Russia, while the Israelis can upgrade to high-tech armaments to deter Iran.

Pass the ammo.

Pass the ammo.

Photographer: Anatolii Stepanov/AFP/Getty Images

The US military announced last week that it would take 300,000 American 155-millimeter artillery shells from a weapons stockpile in Israel and transfer them to the Ukrainian military. While not overly enthusiastic about the movement of the ammunition, Israel Defense Forces officials said the rounds were US-owned and that how they were used was “American business.” 

Israel, which has maintained reasonably good relations with Russia, has nonetheless condemned the Ukraine invasion and provided humanitarian aid, but appears unwilling to support the Ukrainian military directly. This weapons transfer is a step in the right direction.